Earl – Tongue Tied

A cocktail bar turns old-time speakeasy club when London-based American singer Earl gets going with her brand of jazz-inflected pop, in Jon Olav Stokke’s video for Tongue Tied.

Earl gets the party swinging, and meets a new friend, before a close call interrupts the flow of booze…


Lead Male: Stefan Saulic
Earl’s Friend: Afsaneh Dehrouyeh
Earl’s Friend: Joyce Saye
Dancer: Lorna Hall
Dancer: Deme Clarke-Phipps
Dancer: Eleanor Hurrell
Look Out: Joseph Hunter
Barman: Benjamin Lierop
Band: Billy Adamson
Band: David Dyson
Band: Mutale Chashi
Policeman: Tim Larkfield
Policeman: Jonny Smithson


Label: BMG Management
Commissioner: Faye Purcell
Director’s Rep: Andy Roberts @ Las Bandas Be Brave
Producer: Ailsa Vanessa Tapping
Director: Jon Olav Stokke
Cinematographer: Aaron Rogers
1st AD: Bryony James
2nd AD: Femi Anderson
Runner: Jake Webber
Focus Puller: Alasdair Baines
2nd AC: Max Turpin
Steadicam: Luke Oliver
Gaffer: Josh @ Location Lighting London


Spark: Antonis Kitsikis
Spark: Amir Moulif
Art Department: Laura Little
Art Dept. Assistant: Canavan Connolly
Art Dept. Assistant: Jaclyn Pappalardo
Stylist: Beth Rivett
Stylist Assistant: Emma Archer
Make Up Artist: Grace Sinnott
Make Up Artist: Hellie Last
Hair Stylist: Regina Meessen
VFX: Alex Murray
Colourist: Jonny Tully @ Smoke and Mirrors
BTS: Joseph Hunter

Klyne – Closer

Warning: Klyne’s latest video features a clown. So if you have some sort of deep-seated emotional issue with Ronald McDonald or your childhood wasn’t calm enough to accept a circus man in your life, look away now…

That said, Jon Olav Stokke’s video for Klyne’s song Closer follows an intensely blue-haired clown as he body-pops his way through the woods. It’s an entertaining video, which after a couple of unsatisfying encounters, allows this often sad-faced innocent get a happy ending he deserves.


Clown: Stefan Puxon
Jogger: Charlotte Gould
Driver: Shane Attwooll

Commissioner: Jane Third @ Because TV
Director’s Rep: Andy Roberts @ Las Bandas
Executive Producer: Sean Stuart @ NTSH London
Producers: Cameron Wauchope & Sam Mintz @ Sky Blue Films
Director: Jon Olav Stokke


Cinematographer: Sashi Kissoon
Focus Puller: Iain Thomson
Steadicam Operator: Luke Oliver
2nd Assistant Camera: Luke Chidgey
Costume Designer: Natasa Stamari
Make-Up Artist: Hannah Ortner
Runner: Rob AllottSound Designer: Stephen Goldsmith
Post-Production Facility: The Look
Colourist: Thomas Urbye



Jones – Indulge

Featuring some beautiful lighting design and captivating photography, here’s a minimal, classic, black and white performance video by Jon Olav Stokke for Jones’s sultry song Indulge.


Record Label: Alex Bean @ 37 Adventures

Executive Producer: Sean Stuart @ NTSH London
Producers: Sam Mintz & Cameron Wauchope @ Sky Blue Films
Director: Jon Olav Stokke
Director’s Rep: Andy Roberts @ Las Bandas
Cinematographer: Stephen Murphy
Gaffer: Matt Markham
Spark: Harry Pepper
Focus Puller: Jack Peagam
Art Director: Xander Mitchell
Post-Production Facility: Met Film Post
Visual Effects Artist: Alex Murray @ Met Film Post
Hair & Make-up: Yasmina Bentaieb

BTS Photographer: inalook.com

Alfred Hall – The King of Cape

Actor: Viggo Solum

Record Label: Sony Music Norway
Commissioner: Therese Karlsson

Production Company: Expect Films
Producer: Johan Rock
Director: Jon Olav Stokke
Cinematographer: Espen Gjelsten
Grip: Rolf Skjong




Frøder – Over The Sea

Shot on a rugged coastal terrain, Jon Olav Stokke delivers a poignant and emotional film to accompany Norwegian singer Frøder’s widescreen ballad Over The Sea, which depicts a fatally wounded soldier – played by Brage Bang – in the last moments of his life…

The Station Master

A lonely Station Master at a remote, rural outpost encounters a woman stranded overnight at his station, and after some hesitation, invites her to spend the night in the warmth of his humble home. This unexpected encounter reawakens the Station Master’s enthusiasm for life as the two talk long into the night, but in the morning, when her train arrives, will she leave along with his heart?

Vinni – Hvis Jeg Dør i natt

Production Company: GentleCap AS
Director: Jon Olav Stokke
Producer: Tom Arne Monsen
Co-Producer: Bennedicte A. Sælensminde
Director of photography: Dan Homer
First assistant director: Florinda Frisardi
Second assistant director: Elisabeth R. Oksavik

Production assistants: Eivind Helland & Stine Cathrin Halnes Melheim
First assistant camera: Sam Irwin
Second assistant camera: Lise Martine Halle
Spark: Martin Lavik Nygaard
Production designer: Ole Bjørn Hevrøy
Make-up & hair: Kristin Andrine Krogh Sissner
Runners: Mikal Eide Berentsen & Lars Olsen Landsvik



Chinook – Go Home




Record Label: Sony Music Norway
Commissioner: Leif Ribe @ Sony Music Norway
Production Company: GentleCap AS
Production Company: Expect Films
Production Company: NTSH London
Executive Producer: Olav Stokke @ GentleCap AS

Producer: Johan Rock @ Expect Films
Director & Editor: Jon Olav Stokke @ NTSH London
Director of Photography: Per Gunnar Fordal
Colourist: Kristian Skogen
Make-Up Artist: Mona Øberg Wergeland
Costume Designer: Elin Tagestad Frithjofsen
Post-Production Facility: Met Film Post – metfilmpost.co.uk
SFX: Fiksern – fiksern.no