Jon Olav, an international director from Bergen, Norway, is an award-winning versatile director who has worked across multiple genres but retains a cinematic and emotional edge, highlighted by his particular fascination for Nordic Noir. He is driven by a deep passion for collaborating with actors to bring his vision to life.

His recent work includes the award winning dark comedy Deloping, which premiered at renowned festivals such as the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, Indy Shorts, and HollyShorts Film Festival. The short film’s success was marked by winning Best UK Short at the Oxford International Film Festival and securing the Best Period Production award at the Discover Film Awards. His talent as a director also earned him a nomination for the New Nordic Voice award at the Nordic Panorama Film Festival.

Further showcasing his talents, he wrote and directed the dark Nordic short film Our Father’s Cabin, which premiered at Palm Springs International ShortFest and gained recognition at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and Bergen International Film Festival.

Stokke’s directorial debut, The Station Master, a captivating period drama set in the 1950s, was showcased at prestigious festivals such as Palm Springs International ShortFest and Heartland Film Festival.

His storytelling seamlessly crosses genres and features characters who have isolated themselves from society in one way or another and are individuals that, even in the most crowded places, feel the most lonely. Typically, his narratives take place in remote and desolate locations, far away from the noise and chaos of a city. Additionally, he often infuse dark comedic elements into his stories and characters.

Through his fast-paced and dedicated approach to directing, Jon Olav continues to showcase his talents as a versatile filmmaker.

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