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Short Films


Music Videos


Our Father’s Cabin

When past merges with the present, two half-brothers return to a familiar place to complete unfinished business and get a last chance to say goodbye.
Watch "Our Father’s Cabin"

Earl – Tongue Tied

A cocktail bar turns old-time speakeasy club when London-based American singer Earl gets going with her brand of jazz-inflected pop, in Jon Olav...
Watch "Earl – Tongue Tied"

Klyne – Closer

Warning: Klyne's latest video features a clown. So if you have some sort of deep-seated emotional issue with Ronald McDonald or your childhood...
Watch "Klyne – Closer"

Jones – Indulge

Featuring some beautiful lighting design and captivating photography, here's a minimal, classic, black and white performance video by Jon Olav Stokke for Jones's sultry song Indulge.  ...
Watch "Jones – Indulge"

Alfred Hall – The King of Cape

Actor: Viggo Solum Record Label: Sony Music Norway Commissioner: Therese Karlsson Production Company: Expect Films Producer: Johan Rock Director: Jon Olav Stokke Cinematographer:...
Watch "Alfred Hall – The King of Cape"

Frøder – Over The Sea

Shot on a rugged coastal terrain, Jon Olav Stokke delivers a poignant and emotional film to accompany Norwegian singer Frøder's widescreen ballad Over The...
Watch "Frøder – Over The Sea"

Allen Kerr – Shape Me

For unsigned UK singer Allen Kerr and his track Shape Me, Jon Olav Stokke and his team set up shop in a filthy,...
Watch "Allen Kerr – Shape Me"

The Station Master

A lonely Station Master at a remote, rural outpost encounters a woman stranded overnight at his station, and after some hesitation, invites her...
Watch "The Station Master"
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